Child Of Farmer

At Hogwarts village, there lived the farmer’s family, Mr.Anto and his son, his name was Robby.
Mr.Anto was a farmer, he had wide garden and he had many livestock.
At one time, Mr.Anto was dead. Robby was very sad, everyday he always cried.
One day, Robby will go to Hogwarts city for refreshing.
Robby lived at Hogwarts city during two month till he decided for back again to Hogwarts village.
After he arrived, he saw his garden was very in disarray.

The mayor came to him and said,” your garden was very dirty, you must turn your garden to better again. If you success to arranged your garden to better again in three years, your esteem will good. And if you failed turn your garden to former in three years, you must to left this place. You understand Robby?”

“All right mayor, I will to try.” Robby said.

And then, mayor left from there, and Robby back to his home for took a rest.

Next day, he began to Worked.

The first, he went to Mountain to search everything to sell in the Market.

When finished at Waterfall, he saw a girl stand beside the Waterfall.

Robby will came to her.

“Hay!” Robby began talked with her.

“Hay!” Who are you?” she shocked.

“I’m Robby, and I only want to know your name” Robby said again.

“No problem, my name was Karen, where do you live?” Karen asked to Robby.

And Robby said,” I lived at Mineral’s village. And you?”

“I lived at Mineral’s too, my home beside the Market” Karen said again.

“That’s good, nice to meet you Karen?”

“Nice to met you too Robby,” Karen answered.

And then they separated.

Years step to years, Robby got older and more success.

And now, he began to search a girl to be his wife.

And he met again with Karen. Robby said to Karen if he love to her and will made Karen to be his wife.

And Robby had positive’s Respond. Karen accepted his love and will to be his wife.

And then, Robby and Karen got married and lived with happiness forever and had two children.

Creator: Ronal     Estopan


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