Data Beasiswa Luar Negeri Kawasan Asia

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Nama LembagaNama Program BeasiswaJenis BeasiswaLink Website
Korean GovernmentGlobal Korea ScholarshipS1/S2/S3
Support Program for Self-financed StudentsS1/S2/S3
Chinese Government ScholarshipChinese Government Scholarship (CGS)Undergraduates, Postgraduates, General and Senior tml
Malaysian GovernmentBeasiswa International Malaysia (MIS)S2/S3/Guru
The Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program (MTCP)S2 cp.php
JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization)International Student Scholarship (Monbukagakusho Scholarship for International Students)

Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for Study in Japan under Agreement)

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho MEXT) Scholarship

Scholarships from Local Governments, International Exchange Organizations, etc.

School Scholarships and Tuition Fee Reductions Systems
Graduate schools (doctorate, master’s)

Research students (graduate level)

Undergraduate universities

Junior colleges

Colleges of technology (third year and

Specialized training college (post secondary course)

Preparatory Japanese language course by private university and junior college student

Advanced course by university, junior college, and technical college

University preparatory courses
Agency for Science, Technology and Reaserch (A*STAR)A*STAR ScholarshipSecondary/ Junior Collage/ Polytechnic, Undergraduate, PhD, Master, Post Doctoral
DGIST InternationalDGIST International Graduate ProgramS1/S2/S3 html tit_cont
TIE UPS Internasional (India - Indonesia Edu Links)TIE-UPS International ScholarshipS1
Mitsui BussanMitsui Bussan Scholarship ProgramS1 japan-scholarship-step-by-step-2022/
AjinomotoAjinomoto ScholarshipS2/ Research Student
Beasiswa KoreaInformasi Beasiswa di Korea SelatanS1/S2/S3/dll selatan/
Research Grants Council (RGC)Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS)S3City University of Hong Kong -

Lingnan University -

The Chinese University of Hong Kong -

The Education University of Hong Kong - fellowship-scheme.html

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University -

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - fellowship-scheme

Hong Kong Baptist University - scheme/introduction

The University of Hong Kong - and_financial_support/postgraduate_scholarships
Korea National University of ArtsArt Major Asia (AMA)S1 dan S2
University of Science and Technology (UST)University of Science and Technology ScholarshipS2/S3 eng/sub02_01_01/
Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)Beasiswa POSTECHS2/S3
Handong Global UniversityHandong Cornestone ScholarshipS1 nder_guide/undergraduate/
Outstanding International StudentsS1
Entrance Scholarship for International Students (With Official Language Test Scores) : KOREAN LANGUAGE PROFICIENCYS1
Handong Global UniversityEntrance Scholarship for International Students (With Official Language Test Scores) : English LANGUAGE PROFICIENCYS1 e/under_guide/undergraduate/
KDI SCHOOL of Public Policy and Management ScholarshipGlobal Ambassador Scholarship (GAS)S2/S3 /admissions/cp/internation al/scholarship
Seoul G20 Global Leaders FellowshipS2
Asian Intitute of TechnologyHis Majestty the King's Scholarship for Doctoral ProgramS3
His Majestty the King's Scholarship for Master'sProgramS2
Her Majestty the King's Scholarship for
Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech)Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students (JASSO Scholarship)S1 support/prospective-students/scholarships/jasso
Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship
Tohoku UniversityMonbukagakusho Honors ScholarshipS1, S2
National University of SingaporeASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship (AUS)S1 sprs/asean-undergraduate-scholarship-(aus)
The Science & Technology Undergraduate ScholarshipS1 sprs/science-technology-(s-t)-undergraduate-scholarship
GIC ScholarshipS1
Dr. Goh Keng Swee ScholarshipS1
Benjy Grinberg ScholarshipS1, S2
Meiji University International Students IncentiveMeiji University International Students Incentive Scholarship Program (sebelum penerimaan)Undergraduate, Graduate, English Track Program
Meiji University Special Grant for Privately Financed International Students (sebelum penerimaan)S1/S2/S3
Jiangsu UniversityJiangsu University ScholarshipS1/S2/S3
Tzu Chi UnivertityTzu Chi Univertity Science and Technology ScholarshipS2/S3
Nanyang Technological
NTU-University Scholars Programme
(NTU-USP) Scholarship
programme Content_C029_Col00
Ritsumeikan UniversityBeasiswa tersedia SEBELUM Mendaftar di RUS1
Beasiswa tersedia SETELAH
Pendaftaran di RU
Beasiswa untuk mahasiswa College of Global Liberal Arts
Singapore Management UniversityProgram Cendekiawan Lee Kong ChianS1 matters/financial-aid/lee-kong-chian-scholars- programme
Beasiswa Sarjana ASEAN matters/financial-aid/asean-undergraduate-scholarship
Beasiswa Sarjana Sains & Teknologi matters/financial- aid/science_and_technology_undergraduate_scholarship
Tokyo UniversityUniversity of Tokyo Fellowship; The University of Tokyo Special Scholarship for International StudentsS2, S3 students/fellowship.html
Lasalle College of Arts SingaporeFuture Leader ScholarshipD3, S1 financial-support/scholarships/future-leader-scholarship (Undergraduate) ; financial-support/scholarships/future-leader-scholarship (Diploma)
Lasalle ScholarshipD3, S1 financial-support/scholarships/lasalle-scholarship (Undergraduate) ; financial-support/scholarships/lasalle-scholarship (Diploma)
Veda Mekani ScholarshipS1 financial-support/scholarships/veda-mekani-scholarship
MA Merit AwardS2 admissions/scholarship-financial-support/scholarships/ma-merit-award
SEASIA Scholars AwardS2 admissions/scholarship-financial-support/scholarships/seasia-scholars- award
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)Nanyang ScholarshipS1 olarships/nanyang-scholarship Content_C005_Col00
School ScholarshipS1 olarships/school-scholarship Content_C006_Col00
Nanyang Scholarship (CN Yang Scholars Programme)S1 olarships/nanyang-scholarship-(cn-yang-scholars- programme) Content_C003_Col00
College ScholarshipS1
olarships/college-scholarship Content_C034_Col00
The NTU Science and Engineering Undergraduate ScholarshipS1 olarships/hass-scholarship Content_C006_Col00
The NTU Science and Engineering Undergraduate ScholarshipS1 olarships/ntu-science-and-engineering-undergraduate- scholarship Content_C006_Col00
Singapore Management UniversityIan R. Taylor Asia ScholarshipS1 matters/financial-aid/IanR.TaylorAsia_Scholarship
Tanoto Scholarship (Beacon Program)S1 matters/financial-aid/tanoto-scholarship-beacon- programme
Tahir Indonesian ScholarshipS1
SMU International ScholarshipS1 matters/financial-aid/SMUInternational_Scholarship
Shirin Fozdar ScholarshipS1 matters/financial-aid/shirin-fozdar-scholarship
Sharon Lee Teng Siew ScholarshipS1 matters/financial-aid/sharon-lee-teng-siew- scholarship
Ng Kai Wa ScholarshipS1 matters/financial-aid/ng-kai-wa-scholarship

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